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Bio-Behavioral Medical Clinics, Inc. (BBMC) is committed to providing ethical, high-quality, cost-effective care. Our tailored approach matches clients' needs to treatment resources with a strong emphasis on education and wellness. We utilize a multidisciplinary strategy and a range of therapeutic modalities to improve results and affordability. With a goal of supporting the health, respect, and dignity of all clients, BBMC is dedicated to continuous quality improvement.



BBMC was established in 1991 to serve the mental health needs of The Central Valley. Our managed care system has over 25 years experience in a capitated environment, contracting at-risk for 80,000 lives. In addition to our in-house providers, our Independent Provider Network (IPN) provides clinical services to four counties — Fresno, Kings, Madera, and Tulare — allowing us to offer a broad range of clinical expertise to meet the diverse needs of the community.

We also have a sister company, Insight Employee Assistance Program that provides EAP services to over 18,000 employees in Central California. For more information, please visit:


Accurate diagnoses for effective treatment planning


Scope of Treatment & Specialty Areas

BBMC offers a full range of psychiatric and clinical services, both inpatient and outpatient, to children, adolescents, adults, and seniors. Following the medical model of psychiatry, we believe that accurate diagnosis is critical to the implementation of an appropriate treatment plan.

We offer a variety of therapeutic interventions and educational programs to assist our clients in obtaining the maximum benefit from their treatment. Our clinical staff advocates wellness by teaching awareness of the physical, psychological, and social aspects of maintaining mental health and strategies to stop problems before they start.


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